Seven Reasons HR Should Care About Change

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What is HR’s role in managing change at your organization?

At APQC, we have been researching organizational change for a long time. Now, more than ever we think change is a topic that should be on the mind of HR professionals. Why?

  1. Change is an integral part of CEOs’ 2011 agendas.
  2. Change initiatives are known for their high failure rates.
  3. People issues are a major factor in organizational change failures. 
  4. Failed change impedes HR objectives. 
  5. Most HR processes can reinforce or hinder change. 
  6. Change is an opportunity for HR to prove its strategic worth. 
  7. Change is a competency HR can learn.

To learn about how HR professionals can facilitate organizational change, check-out our recent Webinar recording: HR’s Role in Change Management. It features Jim Molloy of APQC member company Deliotte presenting strategies for how HR can develop change-resilient workers.


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