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Putting Consistency into Your Processes: Process Definitions are Here!

After all these years it’s finally here!

You may have heard that APQC is adding definitions to the process framework. If you haven’t, go take a quick peek at the blog post where I announced their development. I put lots of information in there about why we did it and the history of definitions in the Process Classification Framework® (PCF).

Why are definitions important?

In a single word: Consistency.

No matter how you intend to use a framework – whether it’s benchmarking, process management, or content management – the real value comes from the clarity that the framework contributes.

Definitions ensure that when two different people from different backgrounds look at the framework, each one understands the framework as the author intended.

What will I see?

We have about 80 percent of the process elements in the 7.x cross-industry series of frameworks defined. We have nearly 100 percent of cross-industry version 6 defined. We’ll continue defining elements until we hit 100 percent everywhere!

1. In MosaiQ™, you’ll see the definitions in the framework as well as in the details for selected items. Note however the definitions will only appear for NEWLY imported elements. We will never push updates into your existing framework. You can see the definition within the process element….

Definitions In Process Element

…or drill into definitions in the element’s feed tab and edit them to match how their organization defines the process element.

Definitions In MosaiQ

2. For Excel versions of the PCF – new versions you download will contain the detailed definitions in both the details and the consolidated tabs, like this:

PCF Details Tab

PCF Consolidated Tab

3. On the knowledge base – we are updating the consolidated PDF versions of the framework to include the glossary terms, but for now these documents are still under development. To keep things simple, we’re going to be removing the old ones from the knowledge base.

                                                                           Earlier PCF Definitions

When will I see these changes?

We officially launch today, July 28 ! The process definitions are already available in MosaiQ and in our current PCFs.  

What will you do with these new definitions? How will they help you? I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email on jtesmer@apqc.org.

You can follow John on Twitter @JohnGTesmer and join APQC’s Process Classification Framework LinkedIn Group