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Process Management—Another Solid Solution for Boosting HR Performance

In my last blog post I wrote about how HR shared service centers can be a powerful vehicle for perfecting HR operations—containing work force costs, speeding work force transactions, and delivering exceptional HR customer service. In this blog post, I want to talk about another strategy for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR organization: process management.

Process management is an approach to governing the flow of work across an organization. When applied specifically to the HR organization, process management involves:

  • identifying the interconnected, “customer-focused” processes that HR performs,
  • assigning an owner to each HR process, 
  • mapping how work gets done (and should get done) within each HR process, and
  • establishing performance measures for individual HR processes.

HR process management removes inconsistencies in how HR work gets done, establishes best practices for the flow of HR activities, and facilitates monitoring and improvement of HR performance.

You can learn more about leveraging the principles of process management to increase the value HR delivers by listening to the complimentary recording of APQC’s November Human Capital Management HCM Community Call: Seven Simple Tenets to Make Your Work More Valuable to Your Organization. In this Webinar recording, APQC's business process management expert, John Tesmer, covers:

  • APQC’s past, present, and future research into process management, 
  • the seven tenets of process management, 
  • how the seven tenets apply to HCM processes, and 
  • how HR can contribute to process management capabilities for the overall organization.

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