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Mobile Computing to Bolster Performance Management

APQC just launched a survey to uncover how recent advances in mobile computing can enhance business decision-making and performance management. We were flooded with responses during the first 24 hours—a sign the corporate world is going mad over mobile. Early results suggest that senior executives really do believe that mobile computing can better align people in operations with the strategy of the enterprise.

I asked Accenture’s David Axson, an expert on trends in planning and performance management, to provide some useful context for an article I was preparing for TechTarget. Here’s a taste: “Through mobile devices, access to information can be both simple and secure, providing a flow of data equal to that available through a workstation without the geographical and technological limitations of workstation access." So, a financial executive working in a mobile information environment can ensure version control and engage his or her counterparts in operations in rich scenario planning. To read the entire article go to search financial applications.   

Also note: there’s still time to participate in APQC’s brief survey on mobility in finance. We’ll send all survey participants an Executive Summary of our research findings.