In the Minute It Takes You to Read this Blog…

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Feel overwhelmed? Can’t get anything done? Maybe this is why.

Look at what happens in an “internet minute.”

  • 150 million emails were sent. (Stop it, please.)
  • YouTube views (2.78 million a minute) exceeded Google search queries.
  • We collectively sent 20.8 MILLION messages just on WhatsApp. Who knows how much is happening on Slack?


As we enter 2017, it’s time to figure out how to use all this content and connectivity to enhance our productivity, not destroy it. That’s one theme of APQC’s 2017 KM Conference. KM needs to be part of the solution.

And that’s where Louis Richardson comes in. Louis has been active in the social collaboration space for 30 years and earned his cognitive computing chops from his work with IBM. As self-styled storyteller, he is also our closing keynoter at APQC 2017 KM conference on April 28, 2017. He has what our audience wants to hear – cases, examples, stories, exercise and tips – to connect the shifts in computing power and the impact cognitive systems will have to the technology and cultural changes for business and personal success.

Louis is a digital optimist who believes that our technology and devices can set us free, not enslave us as so many of us fear or have found. He sees connectivity as the basis for The 4th Wave of Collaboration. To find out more about how Louis see the world and tips for navigating it successfully, check out this Big Thinkers, Big Idea interview I posted and his plan for this year’s KM closing session.

My minute is up.


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