Introducing APQC's Big Thinkers, Big Ideas Interview Series

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Get used to hearing “Welcome to Big Thinkers, Big Ideas,” as it will be my standard greeting for our new APQC podcast series launching tomorrow. What’s to follow will be anything but standard. This series is my chance to interview some of the most interesting people in and around the world of business.

I promise not to waste it on boring questions. Kicking the series off, you will hear Alex Pentland, MIT, talk about what social behaviors predict productivity of groups – but not their creativity. Listen and find out what that takes. Then Dr. David Eagleman, a neuroscientist and best-selling author, will riff on the secrets our brains conceal even from us (Freud called it the unconscious), but how we can tap into it to grow our tacit knowledge and strengthen our “change muscles.” Both Pentland and Eagleman will be keynoting at APQC’s 20th Annual KM conference April 30-May 1, 2015 here in Houston.

In upcoming interviews, I will be hitting on fresh topics like unlearning, wisdom, and trust with some of the mavens of knowledge management: Bob Buckman, Larry Prusak, and Ed Hoffman of NASA. Many more will join us for the interview series and the conference. I hope you will, too. 


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