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How to Attract and Keep Supply Chain Talent

We’ve written a lot on this blog about how organizations are looking to attract supply chain professionals to offset impending retirements. We’ve also written a lot about what supply chain professionals are looking for in an employer. To put it all in perspective, APQC has created a series of infographics that look at attracting and keeping supply chain professionals. 

The infographic What Do Supply Chain Professionals Want shows the priorities of supply chain professionals and how they prefer to develop their skills.The infographic Recruiting Supply Chain Professionals presents how concerned organizations are about availability of supply chain leaders and what organizations look for in candidates.The infographic STEM Skills in the Supply Chain presents how organizations are addressing a shortage of STEM skills by developing their new and existing employees.

To learn more about what supply chain professionals are prioritizing in their careers, check out What Do Supply Chain Professionals Want? You can then learn more about what organizations are looking for in supply chain staff in Recruiting Supply Chain Professionals. With STEM Skills in the Supply Chain, learn more about how organizations can develop STEM skills in their supply chain employees to prevent the loss of knowledge.

APQC recommends that organizations take a wider look at what supply chain professionals (at all levels of their careers) are looking for in a role and how they can best meet those needs. They should also consider how they can use the experience and on-the-job knowledge of their more tenured employees as a starting point for enhancing the STEM skills of other supply chain employees. 

Read more about the current state of supply chain recruitment and retention in APQC’s Attracting Talent to the Supply Chain Survey Summary report.

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