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Financial Management: Best Practices Today

Need a quick and handy way to learn what top-notch finance executives are up to? Take a look at this webinar that I hosted recently for APQC’s financial management community. I presented a tidy package of what I determined to be the most informative case studies and metrics analyses that our research team had developed over the previous six months.

In only 30 minutes, we showcased APQC's most up-to-date and reliable examinations of:

  •     productivity in receivables processing,
  •     strategic benefits of AP process upgrades,
  •     streamlining financial reporting steps,
  •     finance function process improvement, and
  •     risk management and process governance.

We also offered links to new APQC case studies that examined leading practices at organizations such as: 

Click here to access the recording of this webinar on-demand and see for yourself what it takes to be “best in class” class in financial management in 2012.