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Even When On-Campus Hiring Slows, University Recruiting Relations Should Remain Steady

More than three-quarters of organizations in APQC’s Open Standard’s Benchmarking database source talent from colleges and universities. Over half recruit from technical schools or colleges. Although the pace of on-campus hiring has yet to reach pre-recession levels, organizations should not neglect their on-campus recruiting relationships.

When it comes to university recruiting, time invested in developing and maintaining relationships today can be expected to pay off tomorrow when hiring more fully rebounds. APQC research suggests that among best practices for recruiting/sourcing job candidates is: forming relationships with prime sources of desirable job candidates, such as university career centers (See the article: Recruiting, Sourcing, and Selecting Employees: A Summary of Best Practices).

Learn how to craft a university recruiting strategy that yields long-term value. Listen to the recording of APQC’s February Human Capital Management Community Call. IBM’s Jim Spohrer, innovation champion and director, and IBM's Rick McMaster, S.T.E.M. advocate, discuss the 6 R’s of University Relations:

  1. Research—collaboration in areas of mutual interest and value
  2. Readiness—building the skills pipeline
  3. Recruiting—acquiring top talent
  4. Revenue—the university as a complex enterprise
  5. Responsibility—community service and access to IBM’s expertise/resources
  6. Regions—regional innovation ecosystems–incubators, entrepreneurship, jobs