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A World Without Your Phone Screen

APQC recently spoke with Chris Dancy, author and innovator, to discuss how people can use digital tools and data to optimize health and happiness. Chris will be keynoting at APQC’s Process & Performance Management Conference October 3-4.  

There’s a wealth of data-tracking tools available, both at home and at work. How can people figure out what data matters most for their life?

Before we even look at data, we need to decide what we value. A lot of times, there’s this paradigm shift where we only care about what we measure. Back up a step and ask what matters to you. In my case, I value spending time with my family. I value speaking to strangers. And I value being active. All of my time—whether it’s work or personal—is measured through those lenses. 

I wanted to create a balance for myself and integrate these three things. So, I’ll take walking meetings with clients, for instance, to keep moving and focusing on the things that make me healthier and happier. 

What excites you most about the future of health in today’s digital world?

What most people can’t see right now is that the phone screen itself is disappearing. We’re spending less and less time looking at our phones, and we’re spending more and more time speaking to our phones, watches, and smart devices at home and work. I’m most excited by a world without screens.

If we could pare out just ten years, the most exciting thing will be a world where you don’t download apps. Instead, you’ll download habits, and those habits then speak to your vehicle and your home. They’ll speak to your devices, and even your family, to help nudge you in the right direction. 

The theme of APQC’s 2019 Process & Performance Conference is “driving value end-to-end.” Can you tell us about how your keynote session relates to that theme?

Everyone in the world has wondered what to do when the numbers don’t add up. You’re getting enough sleep, you’ve been productive at work, but it’s still not right. There are so many ways we can be measured end-to-end and there’s a lot of variables at play. 
But it’s really about using the numbers that are particular to you, and the processes that are particular to your circumstance, to make a difference to who you want to be in the future. End-to-end is about straddling a line, but this is more about finding balance. So often, we think about what we should be doing, rather than what we’re capable of. I want to help the audience find a way between capability and capacity, and not confuse those things. 

Join us for Chris’s keynote “When Life Doesn't Add Up: Hyper Connected and Happy” at APQC’s Process & Performance Management Conference October 3-4. Seats fill up fast. Secure your seat and register today!