Could You Please Direct Me to the Talent Aisle?

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Talent is all around us and we don’t even know it. Well, hold on. Let me modify that statement. Talent is all around us and sometimes we don’t even know it. I’m a volleyball player, so when I compete against a tall, athletic-looking guy, I’m generally not surprised to find out that he’s a strong player. But in many arenas in life, it’s not so easy to identify talent until you see it in action. A world-class guitarist, a prodigious coder, or even a mindreader all most likely look pretty much the same as anyone else walking down the street. Isn’t that exciting to think about? To ponder the riches of talent floating just below the surface in the world around us?

It certainly is to the financial management research team here at APQC. We’ve just published a report examining the state of high-potential finance talent programs. In it, we explore how finance organizations identify and nurture the swaths of talent hidden throughout their ranks. I won’t spoil all the findings here, but I’ll give you a hint as to what we unearthed: organizations may want to consider spending more time looking at their company directory than at LinkedIn if they want to develop the best possible talent pipeline.

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