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Cisco, Corning, BT Among Companies to Be Studied

APQC’s Best Practices Study, Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration, is rolling along, and we’re excited about this research. In late January our participating organizations selected the best-practice partners that we will study, and site visits will start this month.

Selected Best-Practice Organizations

From 10 potential best-practice partners, the participating organizations selected five organizations to learn from during the course of the study:

We’ll be conducting a combination of in-person and virtual site visits with these companies during March and April.

Open Innovation

The motivation behind APQC’s study on open innovation can be summed up in one sentence: There are many smart people, and they don’t all work for your organization.

The best-practice partners were all selected because they have excelled at looking both externally and internally for potential sources of new ideas. This study will examine how these organizations are continuing to increase their idea sources, how they tackle issues related to intellectual property, and how they evaluate the success of their open innovation programs.

Visit our study page for more information on the research and to learn how your organization can get involved.