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APQC takes on KMWorld 2016!

Countdown is on! I will be attending KMWorld 2016 November 14-17in Washington DC, and I’m bringing along 4 of my APQC colleagues – Darcy, Lauren, Zakiya, and Jennifer. Jane Dysart and her group put on a wonderful week and we get to be part of that in a big way! We will be supporting the KMWorld program with three conference sessions: Workspace of the Future, Communities Matter!, Knowledge Mapping; a Monday workshop, facilitation for the Knowledge Café, and the APQC booth #108.   

Let me give you a quick rundown about the topic I’ll be discussing in my session. It started last year with APQC’s KM Advanced Working Group (KM AWG) 2015 (note – we do one of these every year!). We defined characteristics of the future workspace and identified the desired behaviors required. The most important discussion topic was what KM’s role would be for influencing the desired behaviors. Shortly after the KM AWG completed last year, APQC launched a survey looking at the future of work: www.apqc.org/blog/3-surprising-knowledge-management-workspace-trends. We received a whopping 1000+ survey responses.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the insights we’ve had from both bodies of research. In fact, I’m planning a follow up blog next week to give you a small teaser of what’s to come. Yes, there are some surprises. It’s so important for us to discuss and to cut through the hype and the haziness to get to leading edge of what is needed to continue to drive a knowledge sharing and collaborative culture in our organizations. Remember, some of the smartest knowledge management minds will be there. This venue affords us the opportunity to listen and learn about the new and innovative work in knowledge management.

Send us a note letting us know if you will be there. The most exciting thing for the APQC team is the opportunity to see our members and clients. Can’t wait!