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6 Process Improvement Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The Process Excellence Network just came out with an article focusing on six process excellence pitfalls to avoid, written by Andrew Spanyi. 

  1. Organizing improvement in silos
  2. Focusing on cost instead of customer value creation
  3. Having the method overshadow the outcome
  4. Redesigning the organizational chart before the process
  5. Not having a compelling case for change
  6. Insufficient executive engagement

Excellence Just Ahead

While these 6 pitfalls were focused on process excellence, APQC has just completed research on how organizations are achieving buy-in, where the topics of improvement in silos and executive buy in are addressed.  Additionally, we are also in the midst of a project focusing on Transformational Change where we are addressing the compelling case for change.  What pitfalls would you add based upon your experiences?