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3 Models to Transfer Best Practices in Your Organization

While not as “sexy” as social media or mobile KM, a solid process to identify and transfer best practices is one of the best knowledge-related investments an organization can make. By learning what works in other business units and locations, employees are exposed to theory, evidence, and expertise all in one. It can be challenging to achieve widespread adoption of best practices, but organizations that get it right see financial impact ranging from $7 million to $200 million annually.

APQC’s research has uncovered three models for identifying and transferring best practices. The first—the “create, validate, and disseminate” model—involves the direct transfer of centrally identified or created practices to multiple locations. In the second model, communities of practice or other employee-driven networks collaborate to vet and share successful practices. The third model requires that business units and locations assess themselves against a set of established best practices and then develop improvement plans to close performance gaps.

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