Open Standards Benchmarking ®

Learn exactly where your business processes stack up against the competition using comprehensive assessments available through APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking® (OSB). Launched in 2004, Open Standards Benchmarking is powered by a database underwritten by organizations that support the creation of common, open frameworks to measure processes. Based on APQC’s widely-adopted Process Classification Framework®, the database contains more than 1,500 standardized measures spanning people, process, and technology.

Assessments provide insight into your key organizational processes to help identify performance gaps. Upon completion of an assessment, you will receive a report containing deep, accurate, relevant, and timely benchmarks you can trust—each data point goes through APQC’s rigorous, seven-step validation process to ensure the highest level of accuracy before admission to the database. You will also receive additional peer groups in your report such as industry, geography, and entity size.

There may be a fee associated with your participation. Please see the Open Standards Benchmarking fee schedule for more information.

To get started, choose an assessment from the list below: