Percentage of senior management/executive new hire retention after 12 months

This measure calculates the percentage of senior management/executive (i.e. the highest-ranking officers and managers below executives) new hires who are still employed at the business entity 12 months after accepting the job offer. It is part of a set of process efficiency measures that help companies optimize their "manage new hire/re-hire" process by minimizing waste and refining resource consumption.

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Process Efficiency
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1,643 All Companies
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Units for this measure are percent.

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Percentage of senior management/executive employees who joined in the past 12 months that are still within your business entity

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Process efficiency

Process efficiency represents how well a process converts its inputs into outputs. A process that converts 100% of the inputs into outputs without waste is more efficient than one that converts a similar amount of inputs into fewer outputs.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.2.1)

  • - Draw up and make offer (10463) - Compiling job-related information for the selected candidates in order to make up a job. Include information about the job description, reporting relationship, salary, bonus potential, benefits, and vacation allotment.
  • - Negotiate offer (10464) - Negotiating an offer with selected candidates. Discuss the job offer with the candidate to ensure a mutual understanding.
  • - Hire candidate (10465) - Wrapping up the process for hiring candidates. Agree to all hiring terms and conditions. Have the candidate accept and sign the job offer.