When and How To Integrate Process, Knowledge, and Data Management

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October 07, 2020
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Most organizations report at least some level of integration between process management, knowledge management (KM), and data management. Yet APQC has found that few organizations have cohesive, enterprise-wide strategies to straddle these three key areas. Even in instances where they are structurally integrated (e.g., made part of the same team or reporting structure), tasks and objectives are not always aligned effectively. In September 2020, APQC conducted a roundtable discussion to further explore the benefits, tactics, and challenges of integrating process, knowledge, and data management.

Although most roundtable participants said their organizations do not have fully integrated strategies for the three areas, they noted that substantive connections are happening at lower levels of the organization, either on a project-by-project basis or within specific functions and departments. Participants shared examples of where they see integration occurring, common pain points and challenges for bringing the three areas together, and enablers that help drive integration.