Clean Electrification Maturity Model - Helping Electric Utilities Transform and Thrive in the New Energy Era

Published On:
August 12, 2022
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In this webinar recording, The Clean Electrification Maturity Model (CEMM), developed by IBM and APQC, identifies the key success factors that enable electric utilities to transform and thrive in the New Energy Era. This webinar will discuss the easy-to-use questionnaire already in use at over 50 utilities globally, and profile each of the eight domains in the model including market innovation, technology, sustainability, grid operations, and more. We will also share initial findings and report extracts from the analysis of the data compiled from the 200 characteristics across five levels of maturity. Learn how your utility could realize value from the Clean Electrification Maturity Model. 

This is a recording of the webinar; click here to view a copy of the presentation slides.