Change Management Fundamentals for Knowledge Management Programs

Published On:
March 28, 2014
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Over time, APQC has observed a pattern in how best-practice organizations manage change associated with their knowledge management (KM) tools and approaches. We have come to think of certain elements as change management fundamentals: enablers that almost every successful KM program puts in place to make employees aware of the tools and approaches available to them, when to apply each approach, and the value proposition of participation for themselves and the organization.

These fundamentals include:

  • active support and endorsement from senior leaders;
  • a robust communications campaign encompassing posters, fliers, emails, intranet marketing, and messages at meetings and events;
  • formal and informal training for employees at all levels;
  • a reward and recognition strategy designed to motivate participation; and
  • a common message or brand to draw attention and tie the program together.