Summary of Open Standards Benchmarking Measures: General Accounting and Reporting



The APQC Open Standards Benchmarking® measure list concisely displays all of the measures currently available for a specific survey. These measures are organized by research area, the survey name, and finally by category of measure. The list identifies each measure's "metric group ID" number, the measure name, the formula in English as APQC computes it, the formula in question numbers specific to this survey, and whether or not the measure is a key performance indicator for its associated process.

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I'm putting this here to help

I'm putting this here to help future folks crack the code.

Just a suggestion... it would be nice if there was a way to navigate to the survey question.

The only way I see to understand this KPI: 8035 Manual journal entry percentage = 209.0480c + 209.0480d to have 2 different PDFs open. The KPI pdf with the definition, and the Preview Assessment KPI. I then have to search for the numbers in the Preview Assessment PDF and put the formula verbiage together my self.

AS a point of reference for future viewers, here is enigma machine for the APQC code:

209.0480 = Allocate to 100 percent your business entity's total annual number of journal entry line items from question 209.0460 among the following journal entry sources.

209.0480c Manual recurring
209.0480d Manual non-recurring

To see for yourself, the link to the survey

Hi Melissa, They are the

Hi Melissa,

They are the formulas used to calculate the metric listed. The numbers (182.040) are the actual survey question numbers used and the 0.001 are used to convert values to percentages, etc.

So for:

Personnel cost of the process perform general accounting per perform general accounting FTE 194.0290a / 194.028

194.0290a is the cost for “Personnel” (item “a” from a table with question number 194.0290 in the General Accounting Survey). It is then divided by the total number of “general account FTE” noted in question 194.028 in the General Accounting survey.

Hope this helps, be sure and let us know if you need more help.

can someone explain what does

can someone explain what does the figures in this report mean?e.g 182.0160/(182.040*.001) thks

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