Positioning Communities of Practice for Success (Best Practices Report)



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  • May 27, 2011
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More and more organizations are starting to embrace communities of practice as entities that allow employees worldwide to interact, ask questions, share resources, and work collaboratively toward solutions. But what is the secret to creating an effective, sustainable community program? What do top organizations do that sets their communities apart? In this report, APQC outlines seven actions that contribute to community success:

  1. Identify and charter communities with explicit business objectives.
  2. Recognize that community leaders are a critical success factor. Clearly define the community leader’s role.
  3. Acknowledge the influence of the KM core team on the overall success of the community strategy.
  4. Use a variety of methods to encourage participation in communities.
  5. Adapt communities to today’s virtual communication environment and replace face-to-face value in creative ways.
  6. Create a common look-and-feel for community Web sites or home pages.
  7. Use indicators of health and effectiveness, enlivened by success stories, to paint a complete picture of community impact.

In addition, the report includes in-depth case studies on leading practitioners Alcoa World Alumina, Ernst & Young, and Schlumberger and their outstanding community programs.

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