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Is Your Organization Ready For Change

Is Your Organization Ready For Change

“Hurry up, this is important.” 

“We have to get this done!” 

“Where are we on that important initiative?” 

Whether in the office or working remotely, how often have we heard questions similar to this from management/leadership?  There are organizational goals, milestones, strategic initiatives to hit, and yes, they are important.   
You know what question we don’t here often? 


We just completed an assessment for an organization that was in the initiate phase of a huge multi-year internal project, and that was the question they asked themselves.  Are we ready for this?   

Regardless of the outcome of their specific assessment, having the ability to stop and ask this question says a lot about the organization, their leadership, their culture, and their focus to GET THIS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. 

Why Is Change Management So Hard?

Our assessment focused on 10 pillars, but the pillar that comes up most often regarding readiness is change management.  Surprise, right?  Organizations have set the foundation for change management, and might even get the few steps right, but the often forget to focus on how to sustain the changed within the organization.  (see the change management steps in the Process Classification Framework, section 13.4).  Leading organizations continue the communication plan, ongoing training of existing staff, and training new associates in the new methodologies.

If you have the time and flexibility to have a full assessment of your organization completed, please take the time do it.  If you don’t have the time, go with your gut; you’ll know if your organization is ready or not. If your organization isn’t ready, be strong enough to support your stance.   

Effective Communications in Times of Change—Plan Now or Pay Later! 

Remember that organization I mentioned earlier, they knew they weren’t ready, but the assessment provided the business case for lack of readiness, and provided them with additional insight on where to focus their efforts.   

What are you challenges or success stories when it comes to organizational readiness?  As always, please reach out to me if you have questions or comments.