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What’s Your Process Management Persona?

Here’s a universal truth: When processes are left to develop organically, they tend to grow up in isolated silos. Invariably, some silos have more mature process-minded approaches than others, making it difficult to integrate and standardize horizontally.

Even when there’s a recognized need for greater cross-silo consistency, there’s almost always the same pushback: “We’re too unique to standardize,” “We’re too innovative to standardize,” or “This is the way we’ve always done it.”

But just because every organization’s process issues are the same doesn’t mean that everyone charged with addressing process management issues are at the same place in their own professional journey. And it’s that realization that has led us to make a fairly radical set of changes to our process management workshops.

Gone is the day-long, one-size-fits-all approach to our workshops. And instead we’ve established a series of half-day workshops, designed with specific process peer groups in mind.

As we evaluated our process workshop offerings, we identified five broad sets of audiences – each with unique process management needs.

First, we looked at specific process roles:

  1. Process Workers, relatively junior-level employees that need help figuring out how they can do their jobs better.

  2. Process Improvement Specialists, mid-career process-focused professionals that want help figuring out how to better leverage their process expertise (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement) to improve their organization’s holistic process management approach.

  3. Process/Business Leaders, relatively senior or executive-level veterans who are trying to identify how process management can improve their business.

In addition, we evaluated the need of process professionals based on their experience, regardless of role:

  1. New Process Management Practitioners (those with no more than five years of experience) who are struggling with how and where to get started with process management.
  2. Experienced Process Management Practitioners (those with five or more years of experience) who need help finding ways to improve specific processes.

Our 2016 Process Conference workshops Oct. 3-5 this year will consist of 12 four-hour workshops, and one full-day advanced practitioner course, scheduled to accommodate each of the five peer groups identified above.

We think this approach will have two significant advantages:

  1. The content and conversations will be more tailored to the needs you’re facing at work;

  2. The informal networking that occurs during our workshops will be with those more similar to you.

As always, we welcome your feedback are very excited to continue to improve our process workshop approach.


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