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Supply Chain IT Risk: How Organizations Manage It

Risks to IT systems and their potential effects on the supply chain have been of concern for organizations, and this shows no signs of going away. A 2014 APQC study showed that many organizations have experienced some kind of IT disruption that affected the supply chain and that organizational leaders are concerned about a variety of IT disruption risks.

That same study indicated organizations use different practices to manage risk, including:

  • using an enhanced perimeter defense system to detect intrusions,
  • using a standardized process for prequalifying suppliers,
  • conducting personnel security reviews, and
  • developing corporate-wide capabilities in cyber security emergency response.

However, few organizations apply these practices regularly, and most organizations could do more to address IT risk disruption in the supply chain.

On December 9, APQC and BlueCircle Advisors will present a webinar on IT risk prevention in the supply chain. The presentation will cover how organizations can go beyond the risk management practices they have implemented to adopt risk-based thinking.

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This webinar is now over. To learn more, access the slides here.