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To Offshore or Reshore?

Has your organization looked closely at whether offshoring manufacturing is the best choice? During a recent Webinar, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discussed how organizations can calculate the total cost of ownership for offshoring manufacturing. The Webinar was hosted by APQC and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Benchmarking Community of Practice (CoP).

The presentation and slide deck are available to APQC members. In the presentation, Moser describes some of the factors that organizations should consider when calculating the cost of offshoring. He also presents examples of organizations that have moved their manufacturing operations back to the United States and the reasons those organizations changed strategies.

Nonmembers can view a sample total cost of ownership calculation in the article Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for Offshoring Manufacturing, from an earlier presentation Harry Moser conducted for the APQC/AME Benchmarking CoP.

About the AME and APQC Benchmarking CoP

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) and APQC Benchmarking CoP was established in 2008 to further the thinking and concepts of benchmarking, facilitate the sharing of ideas about benchmarking among professionals, and provide benchmarking professionals with a close network of peers. In addition to AME and APQC, The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman, and The Raytheon Company were founding organizations of the AME/APQC Benchmarking CoP. The Benchmarking CoP coordinates regular Webinars and meetings, during which presenters discuss topics related to process improvement, benchmarking, and manufacturing.