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New IT Benchmarks in the Knowledge Base

The interesting thing about our knowledge management (KM) taxonomy is that IT falls under KM. From time to time we get a couple of Ask Us requests about IT, and our research isn't as full in the area of IT. 

Well, turns out from looking at our Open Standards Benchmarking in IT, there’s a lot of information that has gone untapped. That’s going to change within the next couple of months as we’re going to publish more IT content. The first wave of this IT data is our key benchmarks, which is already available in the Knowledge Base.

The collection contains benchmarks for all industries, as well as some specific industries such as automotive, retail/wholesale, and electronics. Metrics include cycle time to fulfill IT business needs and total costs of IT processes. 

These benchmarks are just a small sample of what's going to be published in the future. We're going to be work on a lot more content with more analysis that will hopefully be beneficial. 

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