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How Do Organizations Attract Supply Chain Talent?

Attracting talent to the supply chain field has and continues to be a hot topic among organizations as many supply chain professionals prepare to retire. A couple of years ago an APQC study revealed that 67 percent of surveyed organizations had made talent management initiatives a top priority in their supply chain functions. Since then the discussion on supply chain talent has continued, with much being written on what organizations can do to avoid a talent shortage.

How have organizations acted on all of this discussion? APQC is conducting a study on what organizations are doing to attract talent to the supply chain field. We are also looking at what makes professionals gain interest in a supply chain career and how they prefer to develop their skills. In 2016 we’ll start the second phase of the project, which will focus on how recruiters seek out top talent for supply chain positions.

Have something to say on the topic? Take the survey and get a copy of the summary report before we release it to the rest of APQC’s audience.

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