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How Disruptive Entrepreneurship Drives Business Transformation

Business Performance Innovation Network (BPI) in partnership with Tech Mahindra produced a research report based on an online survey of more than 250 enterprise business leaders and innovators across North America, Europe, and Asia. APQC recently interviewed Dave Murray, director of thought leadership at BPI, and Lakshmanan Chidambaram, senior vice president of North American operations at Tech Mahindra. In this podcast, Dave and Lakshmanan discuss their recent report Start-Up Innovation Inspiring Business Transformation: How Disruptive Entrepreneurship is Driving Corporate Renovation and Reinvention. They address the following questions:

  • What made BPI and Tech Mahindra seek to understand the degree to which disruptive entrepreneurship is driving corporate renovation and reinvention?
  • Are new category contenders or new start-up innovators seen as disrupting traditional markets?
  • What benefits are customers receiving from new category contenders or new start-ups?
  • What are some of the characteristics of new category contenders and what gives them competitive advantage over existing enterprises?
  • What can existing enterprises do to remain competitive?

To find out more about more about what research BPI is conducting check out their website.