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Capturing and Transferring Knowledge in Product Development

If you haven’t had a chance to check out APQC’s newest product development best practices report, Improving the Flow of Knowledge in Product Development, we’ve made it easy to get an overview of the report’s findings. Earlier this month, APQC’s Marisa Brown hosted a Webinar that showcased some of the best practices from the report as well as some examples from best-practice organizations.

APQC embarked on a study of knowledge capture and transfer in product development in response to concerns about loss of product development knowledge due to employee retirements, the transition of team members during projects, and silos within organizations. Specifically, APQC wanted to know how organizations can create a successful strategy for capturing and transferring lessons learned and best practices within product development. We also wanted to know how organizations could develop internal support for knowledge capture and transfer initiatives and how to evaluate the success of those initiatives.

In the Webinar, Marisa Brown discusses the 16 findings from the study and provides examples of how best-practice organizations Ecopetrol, IBM, Intel, Rockwell Collins, and The Toro Company have adopted knowledge capture and transfer in their product development areas.

Check out APQC’s Webinar to learn more about the findings from the study, or download the slides from the presentation. Both items are free to APQC members and nonmembers. To learn more about the best practices APQC studied, download the full report: Improving the Flow of Knowledge in Product Development.