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Can Enterprise Content Management be Fast, Findable, and High-Quality?

We’ve all heard of the classic project triangle, which gives us three attributes—fast, cheap, and good—but, we only get to pick two. For example, you can execute a high-quality project on the fly, but it won’t be cheap.

Maybe there’s a similar “content management triangle,” and if so, its three vertices might be: fast, findable, and high-quality.

  • You could focus on publishing high-quality, vetted enterprise content and on making sure that it’s super easy for all employees to find. But that’s going to take some time investment from content authors and/or your ECM team.
  • You could use streamlined uploading processes and auto-tagging to make content publication fast and content findable. But will everything published be high-quality?
  • You could make the content publication process fast and easy, but restrict it to experts only. This way, the content would be high-quality and trustworthy. But would novice employees be able to find it when don’t yet know the lingo?

It’s pretty tough to make content publication fast, ensure that content is 100% trustworthy, and also make sure that all employees can find the content they need. So how do-best practice organizations strike the right balance?

APQC’s Connecting People to Content study found that leading firms have distinct publishing channels for different kinds of enterprise content. This way, it’s easy for employees to share quick tips and tricks, but when they need content they can definitely trust, they can find it and know that it’s authoritative. Click here to read the FREE Connecting People to Content study overview, including a list of 20 best practices. Check out the infographic below for more.