Updating Expense Reimbursement Policies for Remote Workers

Published On:
April 15, 2021
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The massive shift to remote work during the Covid pandemic required employees to hastily establish home offices that have become long-term work arrangements. Immediate concerns for access to computers and internet bandwidth have shifted to ongoing needs for office supplies, durable furniture, supporting technology, and other essentials for productivity. As many of those workers expect remote work to continue (to at least some extent) going forward and as the scope of expenses expands for remote work, employers need to thoughtfully and carefully think through policies related to the increasing trend of remote work and reimbursing the costs of working from home. This article summarizes considerations for updating expense reimbursement policies for remote workers from the secondary research. Please note that APQC does not presume to provide legal advice; any questions around specific legal matters should be directed to your organization’s corporate counsel.