Member Snapshot: Schlumberger Limited

We asked Yannick Kounga, M.B.A., Finance Risks Controller at Schlumberger Technologies, what he finds most valuable about APQC membership.

What tools, expertise, services, or information do you use the most?

APQC provides us with reliable data on the industry best practices. The resources we use most frequently are APQC's benchmarking tools. I also keep up with overall trends, financial management content, and survey results. Plus, APQC’s webinars are valuable and include topics that are a great learning tool.

APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF)® is helpful for organizations to build a successful process structure.

I began my current project as business process manager for inventory, and at that time, we were having issues identifying the right business sub-process for inventory and product costing. I asked our integrator if they had an industry standard we could leverage. They shared their framework with me, but it did not satisfy my requirements. That went on until one consultant provided a version of the PCF, which was exactly what I needed. I was impressed.

How do you describe APQC within your organization?

APQC is a research organization with structured data. APQC’s data is trustworthy and relevant. It helps me make informed business decisions, which is critical as an M.B.A.

How would you justify your APQC membership to someone?

Our first value at Schlumberger is “people.” SLB hires the best, trains us well, and gives our team the right tools to excel in any environment.

APQC’s membership is a valuable tool helping executives at our organization make effective management decisions.