Member Snapshot: Alberta Health Services

We asked Alberta Health Services’ Daniela Robu, director of knowledge management, what she finds most valuable about APQC membership.

About Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is Canada’s first and largest provincewide, fully-integrated health system, responsible for delivering health services to the over four million people living in Alberta, as well as to some residents of Saskatchewan, B.C. and the Northwest Territories.

What tools, expertise, services, or information do you use the most?

Webinars: I attend any webinar that is of interest related to technology, people, content, or processes and learn how best practice organizations have dealt with common pain points in the workplace. 

Resource Library: I always reach to APQC’s Resource Library for resources before I provide a recommendation-always informing myself of what is already captured and learned by other organizations.

APQC’s best practices on knowledge flow helped AHS align our Information Management Lifecycle and related policies.

Benchmarking: Benchmarking in corporate environments is emerging. At AHS, we link the operational plan success measures to the strategic directions using APQC’s benchmarking resources. For example, when AHS looks at how to prepare our workforce for the future, we turn to APQC to see how other organizations are monitoring changes in behaviors, using gamification, presenting and using information, and the best approaches and tools to improve knowledge retention and transfer. 

How does APQC membership help you work smarter, faster, and with more confidence?

APQC is my go-to source for best practices in Knowledge Management and benchmarking.

Benefits include access to great resources, webinars, expertise, and their very responsive team.