Using PCF Can Increase Executive Involvement in Process Improvement

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APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF) is a taxonomy of business processes that allows organizations to objectively track and compare their performance with the performance of other internal or external organizations, regardless of functional discipline or industry classification. During the first quarter of 2013, APQC conducted interviews with organizations that are leading users of the PCF. Our goal was to get an understanding of why these organizations use the PCF, how they use it, and what benefits they have realized as a result. Throughout our interview process, certain themes emerged. The themes were consistent across all industries represented. They reveal that leading organizations use the PCF in the following ways and for the following reasons:

How People Use the Process Classification Framework- APQC

In the coming weeks, APQC will be releasing a case study on a pharmaceutical company is using the PCF, as well as a document that expands on the PCF usage themes.  We are always looking for more input, so leave a comment and tell us how you are using the PCF.


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Hi Dear Jonathan We have a Business Excellence team in our Organization (KPIC) and we want to use PCF for starting process management project and I think this framework gives us a good overview in organization processes. good luck Kermanshah Petrochemical Industrial Complex
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Thank you for taking the time to read our post and respond.  You are using the PCF exactly as intended. 

If you haven't looked at it, I would suggest you look at our industry specific PCF's, as they might help as you start down the road of process management. 

In the coming weeks will have three research articles that will build upon this post.  Stay tuned.

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Hi Jonathan, I am using APQC PCF industry specific (energy industry) framework. I am trying to track and compare our organisation processes (currently presented as value chain) to the APQC framework. I think the framework is great and I want to use the PCF framework for benchmarking and business improvement. I am in process to find any reference or guidelines that contain description and purpose of the APQC processes, but not sure where to find these guidlines. Any idea? Many thanks Azhar
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Hello Azhar,

Thanks for your comments and questions.  I am glad to hear you like the framework and that it is working out well for you.  In regards your question, I think I would point you to our Process Definitions and Key Measures.  The documents in this collection contain detailed definitions and key measures for the processes outlined in the PCF. 

I hope this helps.


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Hi Jonathan, Good note. It was very clear. Is there a new document with more information about PCF usage themes? Thanks, Adrian.
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Thank you for your note, and I am glad you liked our post.  We have put some additional information in the following Knowledge Base article. 

I hope this helps.

Thank you,


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Hi Mr.Craft! I didn't know where to ask this question! In PCF, 5.3.1 activities are same as 5.3.3. It seems 5.3.1 should have different activities. Please check and answer with comment here or send me to With regards R. Tehrani

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Hello Mr. Tehrani, thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, the names of the process elements are the same between the two processes "Measure customer satisfaction with customer requests/inquiries handling" (10401) and "Measure customer satisfaction with products and services" (10403).

The real issue here is that there should not be two processes in the PCF where the only difference is the feedstock (in this case, one processes customer requests/inquiries while the other is products and services). If the same activities can handle a wide variety of feedstocks, then those activities don't need to be recreated to support the various inputs to the process.

I'll make a notation on our issue tracker for this.

Thank you!