Benchmarking is the process of comparing and measuring your organization against others, anywhere in the world, to gain information on philosophies, practices, and measures that will help your organization take action to improve its performance. In simple terms, benchmarking is the practice of being humble enough to admit that others are better at something and being wise enough to learn how to match—and even surpass—them at it.

APQC does benchmarking better than anyone else. We have the most reliable data—validated by expert data analysts—combined with practical expertise that can transform that data into solutions for your organization.

Open Standards Benchmarking

Access a treasure trove of data, packaged and delivered to you by our unparalleled team of data analysts, through APQC’s online Benchmarking Portal. You enter your performance data, and we provide validated reports that compare your performance to organizations in and outside of your industry or peer group. We also offer Benchmarks on Demand—instant metrics from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking database.

Custom Benchmarking

Need something a little more personalized? APQC can provide specific, customized benchmarks according to peer groups, processes, industries, or other criteria you select. We can work within our data set or launch an entire project designed to collect the specific information you need.  

Benchmarking for Professional Services Firms

We specialize in helping professional services firms provide clients with the most reliable data as quickly as possible. Clients always have unique requests, and we work with you to exceed their expectations every time. 

*Source: Bain & Company Global Tools and Trends 2009