Sales force turnover rate

This measure calculates sales force turnover rate. Sales force turnover refers to the percentage of total sales employees who left during the past year, whether voluntary or involuntary. This Staff Productivity measure is intended to help companies assess the efficiency of their staff related to the process "Manage sales force".

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Staff Productivity
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425 All Companies
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Units for this measure are percent.

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Sales force turnover

Key Terms

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Staff Productivity

Staff Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of individuals performing specific processes. Measures in staff productivity generally relate the transaction volume or outcome of the process with the effort in terms of full time equivalent employees to perform the process.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (6.1.1)

  • - Determine sales resource allocation (10209) - Planning the distribution of personnel across various sales functions. Match the capabilities of individual employees with the skill sets needed for specific roles. Seek assistance from HR.
  • - Establish sales force incentive plan (10210) - Creating a scheme of awards and recognition for sales employees to promote a results-based culture. Create specific incentives to reach desired outcomes, such as landing key clients, growing the customer base, providing exceptional servicing, and increasing profit margins.