Percentage of total annual marketing spending spent on traditional face-to-face contacts

This measure calculates the percentage of total annual marketing spending (including advertising and trade spending if applicable) that went to traditional face-to-face contacts. It is part of a set of Supplemental Information measures that help companies evaluate additional variables not covered elsewhere for the process "define and manage channel strategy."

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Supplemental Information
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770 All Companies
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Units for this measure are percent.

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Percentage of total annual marketing spending spent on traditional face-to-face contacts

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Supplemental Information

Supplemental information is data that APQC determines is relevant to decision support for a specific process, but does not fit into the other measure categories such as cost effectiveness, cycle time, or staff productivity.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (6.1.1)

  • - Evaluate channel attributes and partners (10126) - Assessing the attributes of all marketing channels, and evaluating the key partners in those channels. Closely examine the various characteristics of all available marketing channels such as the cost of using them, durability of impact, applicability to the organization's products/services, turn-around time, involvement of middlemen, and conversion rate. Analyze key partners in the marketing channels including those who have been associated with the organization; evaluate their capabilities, the scale and scope of their operations, quality of support provided, etc.
  • - Determine channel fit with target segments (10127) - Analyze the various channels for their relevance to the targeted segments. Identify the channel that can effectively market to the targeted customers in regard to the drives, desires, and characteristics of these populations, their uptake, extent of engagement, frequency of use, and effectiveness in communicating.
  • - Select channels for target segments (10128) - Choose the most pertinent marketing channel for the targeted segments (based on Determine channel fit with target segments [10127]).