Percentage of customer accounts set up for automatic cash application

This measure helps companies calculate the percentage of customer accounts that are set up for automatic cash application, a process in which cash receipts from customers are coded so that the receivable amount from the customer is automatically decreased by the amount of the payment. It is part of a set of Process Efficiency measures that help companies optimize the performance of the process "collect and maintain customer account information" process by minimizing waste and refining resource consumption.

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Process Efficiency
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462 All Companies

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Units for this measure are percent. Higher values are better.

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Percentage of customer accounts set up for automatic cash application

Key Terms

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Process efficiency

Process efficiency represents how well a process converts its inputs into outputs. A process that converts 100% of the inputs into outputs without waste is more efficient than one that converts a similar amount of inputs into fewer outputs.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.2.1)

  • - Administer key account details (10201) - Managing essential information of customer accounts.
  • - Retrieve full customer details (10202) - Obtaining detailed information about customers.
  • - Modify involved party details (10203) - Altering information about involved parties.
  • - Record address details (10204) - Documenting address information.
  • - Record contact details (10205) - Documenting contact information.
  • - Record key customer communication profile details (10206) - Providing information about important business rules regarding communicating with customers.
  • - Review involved party information (10207) - Revising information about involved parties.
  • - Terminate involved party information (10208) - Dismissing information about involved parties.