Number of units produced per year

This measure calculates number of units produced per year. This Staff Productivity measure is intended to help companies assess the efficiency of their staff related to the process "Produce product".

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Measure Category:
Staff Productivity
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Total Sample Size:
240 All Companies
25th Median 75th
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Units for this measure are units.

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Number of units produced per year

Key Terms

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Staff Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of individuals performing specific processes. Measures in staff productivity generally relate the transaction volume or outcome of the process with the effort in terms of full time equivalent employees to perform the process.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.1)

  • - Manage raw material inventory (10310)
  • - Execute detailed line schedule (10311)
  • - Report maintenance issues (10319)
  • - Rerun defective items (10313)
  • - Monitor and optimize production process (19566)
    • - Automate and control plant (19567)
    • - Perform advanced process control (19568)
    • - Perform real-time optimization (19569)
    • - Manage plant alarms and alerts (19570)
  • - Assess production performance (10314)