Number of core Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team FTEs per $1 billion revenue

This measure calculates the number of core Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team Full time equivalents (FTEs) per $1 billion business entity revenue. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) describes a firm-wide strategy to comprehensively identify and prepare for risks relevant to a company's finances, operations, and objectives, including developing strong risk management plans and understanding the interrelations of various risks. This Process Efficiency measure is intended to help companies minimize waste and refine resource consumption related to the process group "Manage enterprise risk".

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Process Efficiency
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183 All Companies
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Units for this measure are FTEs.

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Number of core ERM team FTEs / (Total business entity revenue * .000000001)

Key Terms

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Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.1)

  • 11.1.1 - Establish the enterprise risk framework and policies (16439)
    • - Determine risk tolerance for organization (16440)
    • - Develop and maintain enterprise risk policies and procedures (16441)
    • - Identify and implement enterprise risk management tools (16442)
    • - Coordinate the sharing of risk knowledge across the organization (16443)
    • - Prepare and report enterprise risk to executive management and board (16444)
  • 11.1.2 - Oversee and coordinate enterprise risk management activities (16445)
    • - Identify enterprise level risks (16446)
    • - Assess risks to determine which to mitigate (16447)
    • - Develop risk mitigation and management strategy and integrate with existing performance management processes (16448)
    • - Verify business unit and functional risk mitigation plans are implemented (16449)
    • - Ensure risks and risk mitigation actions are monitored (16450)
    • - Report on enterprise risk activities (16451)
    • - Coordinate business unit and functional risk management activities (16452)
    • - Ensure that each business unit/function follows the enterprise risk management process (16453)
    • - Ensure that each business unit/function follows the enterprise risk reporting process (16454)
  • 11.1.3 - Manage business unit and function risk (17462)
    • - Identify risks (16456)
    • - Assess risks using enterprise risk framework policies and procedures (16457)
    • - Develop mitigation plans for risks (16458)
      • - Assess adequacy of insurance coverage (18129)
    • - Implement mitigation plans for risks (16459)
    • - Monitor risks (16460)
    • - Analyze risk activities and update plans (16461)
    • - Report on risk activities (16462)