Independent internal resources as a percentage of risk assessment cost

This measure calculates independent internal resources as a percentage of risk assessment cost. Risk assessments help companies determine the possibility that a specified undesirable event will occur using established tools, implements, and frameworks. This measure is part of a set of Supplemental Information measures that help companies evaluate additional variables not covered elsewhere for the "report on internal controls compliance" process.

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Supplemental Information
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43 All Companies
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Units for this measure are percent.

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Percentage of conducting risk assessment cost toward independent internal resources

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Supplemental Information

Supplemental information is data that APQC determines is relevant to decision support for a specific process, but does not fit into the other measure categories such as cost effectiveness, cycle time, or staff productivity.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.0)

  • - Report to external auditors (10923) - Reporting to external auditors. This process requires the organization to report to external auditors about the regulations for any critical data that the organization is holding.
  • - Report to regulators, share-/debt-holders, securities exchanges, etc. (10924) - Reporting to regulators, shareholders, debt holders, securities exchanges, etc. about IT regulations and pertinent data.
  • - Report to third parties (10925) - Reporting to suppliers, customers, and partners that are doing business with the company about IT regulations and pertinent data.
  • - Report to internal management (10926) - Reporting to internal management (all employees, directors, and management) about IT regulations and pertinent data.