Growth or decline of the count of active raw products/SKUs over the past three years

This measure calculates the percentage of growth or decline in number of active raw products/stock keeping units (SKUs) over the past three years. It is part of a set of Supplemental Information measures that help companies evaluate additional variables not covered elsewhere for the "manage product and service portfolio" process.

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Supplemental Information
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570 All Companies
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Units for this measure are percent.

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Growth or decline in the count of active raw material products/SKUs over the past three years

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Supplemental Information

Supplemental information is data that APQC determines is relevant to decision support for a specific process, but does not fit into the other measure categories such as cost effectiveness, cycle time, or staff productivity.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.0)

  • - Evaluate performance of existing products/services against market opportunities (10063) - Assessing the capabilities and performance of existing products/services, in light of market opportunities. Examine performance of the existing line of products/services, including measures of profitability, penetration, and value delivered. Identify gaps between existing solutions' portfolio or their performance levels, on the one hand, and the current market demand, available technologies, and/or customer expectations, on the other. Consider opportunities in the present market environment and any relation with the performance. Consider input from professional services providers.
  • - Confirm alignment of product/service concepts with business strategy (10066) - Checking the alignment of product/service portfolio, and its individual offerings, with the organization's overall strategy and planning for the development of new or revised solutions. Conduct reality checks on new product/service concepts prior to committing significant investment to ensure that the revamped solutions' portfolio is in line with the overall business strategy, aligns organizational processes for their development, and creates a plan for assimilating these changes in the organization's offerings. Enlist senior management executives.
  • - Prioritize and select new product/service concepts (10074) - Selecting from among the potential new/revised solutions and capitalizing on market opportunities so that they meet the cost and quality prerequisites. Create an index of product/service concepts, and arrange them in order of preference. Base prioritization on adherence to Plan and develop cost and quality targets [10073], and choose options that would comprise the revised solution portfolio.
  • - Plan and develop cost and quality targets (10073) - Setting prerequisites for the cost of development and quality standards for the new solutions' portfolio and/or its individual offerings. Set targets for the budget and quality standards for the revamped portfolio of solution offerings. Prepare a plan for the outlay required for revising and adding new product/services. Identify intended levels of quality for these, bearing in mind the existing standards of solutions offered by the organization and its competitors. Enlist senior management executives, particularly those responsible for finance and budgeting, product/service design, manufacturing/processing, delivery, and quality control.
  • - Specify development timing targets (10075) - Determining the individual and collective timeframe for realizing new/revised solutions. Create a schedule that clearly demarcates the timeframes designated for the development of every new solution and/or revising each of the existing ones. Create a timetable by setting deadlines for each step in overhauling the product/service portfolio.
  • - Plan for product/service offering modifications (10076) - Developing a programmatic procedure for changing products/services while paying heed to all stakeholders involved and the prerequisites identified. Create a plan for changing the existing portfolio of solution offerings. Develop a systematic program for the design, processing, and delivery of the new product/service concepts. Construct project-flow diagrams. Identify the stakeholders involved and personnel responsible for each stage, as well as the necessary decisions. Earmark the budgetary outlay, and conduct any strategic planning required.