Average number of learning days per supply chain employee

This measure calculates average number of learning days per supply chain employee. Learning days are simply the average number of days in a year that are dedicated to learning. This Supplemental Information measure is intended to help companies evaluate additional variables related to the process "Develop and train employees".

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Supplemental Information
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866 All Companies
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Units for this measure are days.

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Average number of learning days per supply chain employee

Key Terms

There are no key terms associated with this measure.
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Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.1)

  • - Align employee with organization development needs (10490) - N
  • - Define employee competencies and skills (16940) - N
  • - Align learning programs with competencies and skills (10491) - N
  • - Establish training needs by analysis of required and available skills (10492) - N
  • - Develop, conduct, and manage employee and/or management training programs (10493) - Y
  • - Manage examinations and certifications (20125) - N
    • - Liaise with external certification authorities (20126) - N
    • - Administer certification tests (20127) - N
    • - Appraise experience qualifications (20128) - N
    • - Administer certificate issue and maintenance (20129) - N
  • - Monitor and evaluate learning programs (21436) - N