Average annual build cost per square feet for new retail stores and warehouses

This measure calculates cost per square foot for new retail stores and warehouse. This Cost Effectiveness measure is intended to help companies understand this cost expenditure related to the process "Plan facility".

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Cost Effectiveness
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81 All Companies
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Units for this measure are dollars.

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Cost per square foot for new buildings (store and warehouse)

Key Terms

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Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness measures are those in which two related variables, one of which is the cost and one of which is the related outcome related to the expenditure are used to determine a particular metric value.


The metric value which represents the 50th percentile of a peer group. This could also be communicated as the metric value where half of the peer group sample shows lower performance than the expressed metric value or half of the peer group sample shows higher performance than the expressed metric value.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.0)

  • - Design facility (10958) - Preparing and analyzing different designs for a facility in order to finalize which design will be the most suitable option.
  • - Analyze budget (10959) - Evaluating the feasibility of budgets prepared for the construction of facilities.
  • - Select property (10960) - Assessing and choosing the appropriate property. Analyze the property requirements. Review the available property options. Finalize the most suitable option.
  • - Negotiate terms for facility (10961) - Discussing the terms and conditions of facilities to be occupied according to the business requirements and availability of budgets.
  • - Manage construction or modification to building (10962) - Constructing the buildings. Manage renovations according to requirements and demands.