What is the APQC Network of Expertise?

APQC’s unparalleled list of members and experts gives you access to people in the know. If we don’t have the answers, we’ll connect you to people who do. Find the networking opportunities you need through our:

  • peer-to-peer database,
  • Webinars,
  • training events, and
  • conferences.

Peer-to-Peer Database

Connect with fellow APQC members in our expansive database. Search by area of expertise, title, organization, or geographic region.


Every month, APQC hosts a number of interactive Webinars in which leading experts share insights and guide discussions on topics vital to business success. Register for an upcoming Webinar to connect with experts in your field, hear the concerns of other organizations, and ask your most burning questions.

If you have topics you would like discussed in an in-depth Webinar, contact us with your suggestion.

Training Events

APQC provides training designed to help you put your best intentions into practice. We provide step-by-step training and workshop facilitation in:

  • knowledge management;
  • process management, mapping, and improvement; and
  • benchmarking.

We offer training events at our Houston office several times each year, and we also provide customized on-site training. Contact us to bring APQC expertise to your organization, or check out our available training options.


APQC hosts two conferences each year. Our spring knowledge management (KM) conference has been bringing together the greatest minds in KM since 1995, and each fall, our process management conference blends practical workshops with the latest process management insights.

Attendees rave about the high-quality keynote addresses, the targeted break-out presentations by industry leaders, and the practical workshops and training events included in both conferences. Best of all, each attendee leaves with a new list of valuable business contacts.