Top team performance APQC and Clarion

Human resources professionals invited to participate in virtual research

(Houston, TX - February 12, 2010) - APQC (the American Productivity & Quality Center) in conjunction with The Clarion Group (Clarion) is inviting organizations to participate in a collaborative research effort that identifies strengths and gaps in top team performance, team priorities, and team responsibilities to improve and sustain business performance.

The research study kicks off virtually on March 2, 2010; organizations may sign on to participate online at A concluding knowledge transfer and results Webinar is scheduled for March 25, 2010, where participants will view aggregated results and best practices for executive team performance.

This research is highly relevant to executive and senior leadership teams, as well as top functional and cross-functional teams with product and service line or global responsibility. The research is also essential to those responsible for leadership development and talent management to help them adapt and refine leadership curricula.

Participating leadership teams will receive a customized report summarizing strengths and suggested areas of focus relative to top performing organizations as identified by the Clarion research.


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