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Supply Chain performance is best assessed by considering multiple categories of measures and metrics. Register for APQC's Knowledge Base and you get free unlimited access to Supply Chain Management content on topics like manufacturing, production management, logistics, and procurement. Our content includes benchmarks, metrics, webinars, and much more.  Using content like APQC's complimentary Supply Chain Diagnostic Tune Up you can:

  • Input your data to assess key performance indicators in the categories of cost effectiveness, process efficiency, and cycle time for your supply chain.
  • Compare your organization’s supply chain performance to the top, median, and bottom supply chain performers.
  • Create Supply Chain Solutions

The Supply Chain Diagnostic Tune Up was created using data from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking database, the world’s largest database of business performance benchmarks. For more than 8 years APQC has been collecting and rigorously analyzing supply chain process data from more than 300 business entities worldwide to help organizations compare, assess, and improve key performance indicators including productivity, costs, and cycle time. APQC also partners with the world’s leading organizations in research projects to determine the best practices and business drivers leading to top performance.

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Metrics Will Help Lower Supply Chain Cost

APQC Supply Chain Diagnostic Tune Up