How much does it cost to work with an APQC speaker?

APQC does not have a set cost for our speakers. We provide speakers in a wide variety of price ranges. Once you choose a speaker that you are interested in, we can provide you with price ranges depending on the event. If you are not sure what type of speaker you are looking for, we are happy to discuss your event and your budget with you and find a speaker that fits your requirements.

Who is responsible for arranging the speaker’s travel and accommodations if necessary?

APQC will work with you or your staff in coordinating the travel and lodging requirements for our speaker. We will make sure to keep your event timeline and budget in mind to make the process as efficient as possible.

I have never booked a speaker with APQC. Where do I start?

Please take a moment to browse our speaker and training website. You will see a drop down list of topics on the right hand side of the page as well as a list of training topics that we currently offer. If you find a speaker or training session that you are interested in hearing more about, you have the option to fill out our contact us form on the website, email us directly at speakers@apqc.org or call us directly at 713-681-4020. If you would rather start the process by reaching out to us first, we are happy to work hand-in-hand with you to find the best speaker for your program.

Will I be able to talk with the speaker prior to the event?

APQC trainers and speakers want your event to be just as successful as you envision. They will make sure to have a thorough conversation with you regarding the event details prior to the speaking engagement. They will get a better understanding of your goals and what you are looking for in terms of communicating to your audience.

Can I record or videotape the speaker’s presentation?

The speaker you have selected will make the final determination regarding any recordings of the presentation. We ask that you submit your request during the planning phase before the signing of the official agreement.

If my speaker has written books that I would like to feature at my event can APQC help?

APQC staff are happy to assist you. We work with several online retailers for our book distribution process. We will make sure to work with you to secure your order.