Using the PCF to Drive Performance and Improvements: South East Water Case Study

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May 08, 2017
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An Australian-based government statutory organization which delivers commercial, industrial, and residential water and sewer services to around about 900,000 properties and around about 2 million people. In this case study, APQC reviews how the organization applies the Process Classification Framework (PCF)® to create the standardized process foundation it needs to lead improvement and even budgeting decisions based on process performance. 

Process management was a bottom-up initiative driven by South East Water’s (SEW) the business improvement team. The reasons behind the initiative were multipronged. SEW had previously attempted to conduct process mapping of the organization to establish a foundational process framework for its business improvement projects. However the approach was unsuccessful. SEW was facing a new series of improvement projects that would benefit from the clear delineation of consistent workflows that could be achieved through a solid process foundation.